ProjectCowboy Round4 749 214x300Evon is a horse lover. She got bitten by the horse bug early in life and has continued in her love and passion of horses even now. At her home location in Saxonburg she is continuing her pursuit of horses in giving lessons and training horses which she started 30 years ago. She is approachable and sincere in her efforts to help everyday horse owners and riders become their individual BEST. Evon also co-ordinates and hosts equine events at the Saxony Farm facility as well as traveling to many venues across the country doing Clinics and seminars. Evon is also an Open, Obstacle and Ranch Versatility Judge; Ring master, Scribe and Show Steward for Open and AQHA shows. She is a member of AQHA, APHA, NRHA, ACTHA, Western Dressage “train the Trainer” program, and currently owns Paint and Quarter horses.

Evon and her husband Craig ride their horses across America, riding on trails and participating in horse shows and other various horse events.

Evon speaks at Horse Expo’s throughout the country on topics such as : Horse ownership basics, Horse body language, Traveling and camping with horses, Teaching communication skills for horse and human, Keys to the Gait for gaited breeds, Obstacle course and development of confidence on the Trail, Confidence building for the Event and Dressage riders and Western Dressage.

Evon works with all breeds of horses, both gaited and non-gaited alike and believes that having an understanding relationship with your horse makes the horse ENJOYABLE and rewarding.

Knowing that in the world we live in, everyone wants everything right now and perfect from the start; she encourages people to take their time and develop a true understanding and long lasting relationship with their horse.

Evon takes time to teach both horse and rider how to remain calm and collected to make the journey worthwhile.


About Horse Lovers Guide

evonA name to describe what Evon IS: a GUIDE and leader of people and horses. And a PLAN of action- HORSES 1, 2, 3: A horse ownership PROGRAM that teaches you how to build a successful relationship with a horse.

HORSES 1, 2, 3 uses audio, visual and hands on learning techniques to build a foundation of trust and unity with your horse. HORSES 1, 2, 3 DVD’s, SKILL CARDS and CONES make an easy PLAN of action

  • To “guide others “on their journey with a horse
  • HORSES 1, 2, 3 takes the horse spirit and human reasoning and blends them together in a CALM, CONFIDENT and COLLECTED manner to make one UNITED team.
  • HORSES 1-GROUND WORK- Teaches horse and human interaction using DVD’s, Skill Cards, Cones while doing beginner through advanced ground skills. Obstacles, maneuvers, and learning horse behavior and body language before riding in a SLOW, CONFIDENT manner as to CALM horse and rider – NO STRESS!
  • HORSES 2 – CONTROLLED RIDING continues the learning process by using the skills that were learned on the ground to develop a riding partnership in a “controlled environment”. The object of a controlled environment is that it develops skill, muscle memory, horse reaction and human interaction in a fashion that goes from beginner to advanced horsemanship WITHOUT FRUSTRATION or CONFUSION. This in turn develops a CONFIDENT rider and leader of the “team”.
  • HORSES 3- Trails, Trials, Travel -Use of the skills you learned on the ground and in the controlled riding situation to take you beyond you home facility with CONFIDENCE. TRAILS takes you first local, then regional then national or wherever your DREAMS lead you on horseback.
  • TRIALS takes you to any type of showing situation or competition by again understanding the foundation of patterns, discipline and knowledge of a show ring situation.
  • TRAVEL leads you on to ADVENTURE both across America and across Continents. Horses 3 riding group gives has Evon as a team leader. Join Evon with a group she organized, or bring your own group and plan a trip to awesome destinations to ride horses, either with your own or provided horses.

About Horse Lovers Gear

home41Evon has gathered together some of her most favorite GEAR for both horses and humans. Some of the gear is custom made because Evon belives that quality gear makes a difference for both horse and rider. PLUS she has designed a really cool LOGO and uses it on her gear as well.

The LOGO history is this: Evon loves- HORSES as well as UNITED STATES and believes in FREEDOM. The logo represents each of these; RUNNING HORSES are freedom, faith and dreaming; the FLAG and the COLORS in the mane represent Freedom in the UNITED STATES and patriotism. Her faith also is represented because someday we will be riding with our Savior in the final battle for FREEDOM.

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Fri Apr 06, 2018 @12:00PM - 05:00PM
Equine Affaire, Columbus, OH

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