Evon111Does your horse love carrots, mints or cookies? I’m sure that your horse has a favorite! The fact is that almost all horse lovers give their horse treats – because we love them. But when is it a good time and a bad time to treat your horse?

Everyone knows that if your pockets smell like treats, your horse will be sniffing and biting at your pockets. When this behavior gets out of control – “give me a treat or I’ll bite you” – then you know that you have a problem. Giving treats every time you see your horse can cause some unwanted behavior and terribly bad manners. Not everyone who meets your horse may think that’s cute.

Horses are funWomen dye their hair a lighter color, thinking it will make them more attractive, make their lives more exciting. If blondes have more fun, does it follow that a palomino has a happier life than a bay? Does a horse know what color it is? Of course not. But what if they did? Would the grey mare change the color of her coat, thinking she would get the better hay, the extra carrot? Luckily a horse doesn’t have those thoughts. But people do. People have preferences. Some people do prefer brunettes or red-heads.

I’ve seen many a prospective horse owner search the internet for their favorite horse color – a gruella, or a tri-color paint. They will search for hours on dreamhorse.com and they will check that box to sort by color. But it rarely works out when someone buys a horse because it is the right color. It is so much more useful to look for the horse that best suits your style of riding, your goals and personality, your level of horsemanship. I advise my students or my friends to look for the horse that is the best fit for them, regardless of color. And when you find that perfect horse, you might just have to take what you get.

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