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Grab Strap- Pommel Handle -or Night Latch, fondly known as the "oh crap" strap. 

We have these custom made to be comfortable in your palm.  Attach to any size pommel and make a very convienent strap to grab in emergency situations.  Great for the Trail riders or if you just need a little safety and comfort for the sttp hills or uneven terrain.  This little strap will help you gain confidence.  It ifts nicely in your hand and the angle is much easier than using the saddle horn.   If you ride a horse that is an occasional bucker or a green and maybe unpredictable, these things are great.  I have had a youngster horse buck, fall down, get up and I was still attached, in the saddle and kept on riding, because of this little beauty.  Must have on all of my saddles.

Made of quality herman oak leather with sterling silver hardware.

A must have for colt starters and trail riders alike.

Evon can attest to these handy straps keeping you in the saddle even when the horse hits the ground and bounces back up to go again.

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Grab strap- Pommel handle

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