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  • HORSES 1 - GROUND WORK -Starter Kit

HORSES 1 Starter kit box aContents of Box: 2 DVD's, 36 Skill Cards, Messenger bag

Let"s get started DVD -by Evon Montgomery

              • Teaches horse body language

              • Horse Behavior

              • How to apply cues

              • Where to apply cues

              • Rhythm

              • Timing

36 Ground work Skills DVD

 Shows a clear picture of the skill card and a person performing the skill with a horse.

      • 12 Beginner Ground Skills HORSES 1 Dvd cover wrapped
      • 12 Intermediate Ground Skills- WHITE pack
      • 12 Advanced Ground Skills - BLUE pack


36 GROUND WORK Skills CardsHORSES 1 Starter kit contents

    • 12 Beginner Ground Skills - RED pack
    • 12 Intermediate Ground Skills- WHITE pack
    • 12 Advanced Ground Skills - BLUE pack


Messenger bag

    • Convient carrying bag to take Skill Cards to the barn. HORSES 123 Messenger bag
    • Easliy find your Skills Card packs,carry it by the shou lder strap. 
    • Hang it on a nail or fencepost by the handle strap.





The HORSES 1 Ground work Starter Kit gives you countless hours of exercises that will have you on your way to a CALM, CONFIDENT and COLLECTED partnership with your horse.

HORSES 1 - GROUND WORK by Evon Montgomery.

Evon helps the everyday horse owner: Do it yourself.  

Evon wants every horse owner to understand horse body language and behavior.

  • If you have a horse at home this system is for you, it will teach you skills that will get you to your goal.

Starting at home at your own place, at your own pace.

  • If time is elusive to you, this system will help you know what to work on when you DO actually have time for your horse.

If you do not have easy access to a horse trainer or instructor.

  • This plan is for you. Because Evon has been working with horses and people for so long.  She was able to develop techniques that you can do by yourself at home.

If you are an instructor or trainer

  • This plan is for you. 
  • Many testimonials come from instructors who need hands on material for their students to look at. We all know about the drawing in the sand, on napkins or our hands.
  • Let the Skills Cards help your program.

Therapy riding groups 

  • Special needs pupils LOVE the bright colored cones.  CONES SOLD SEPERATELYCones PB103127forEvon
  • The numbers and letters make wonderful points of reference for your students.

4-H groups, love this program. 

  • HORSES 1- GROUND WORK SKILLS will teach you Level 1-2 skills.
  • HORSES 2 will teach you Level 3-4 skills so you can pass your Level exams.
  • Evon is a certified 4-H Skills tester so she put some of the skills in her program for the leaders and 4-H members.


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